Sunday, February 24, 2013

New hostess code!

Stampin' Up! recently made available a 'hostess code' feature for new workshops and I'm happy to share the details with you (finally)!  I had a post about the details all ready about a week ago and it got sent into cyberspace instead of on the blog.  Funny how life sometimes gets in the way of the best laid plans ...

Anyway ... you might be asking what this hostess code business is all about (and what you'd even use it for).  It's an awesome new feature that allows friends and family who are unable to attend your event to place an order supporting your workshop!  It also lets attendees add MDS print products, digital downloads and even Clearance Rack products to a workshop!!

About a week before your workshop date, I will provide you with your hostess code that you can give out to any guests who aren't able to make it to your home on the date of your workshop (this works especially well for out-of-town guests).  They can then enter this code when placing an online order. There is a new field under the special offers section of the online shopping bag (you won't see it until you've added something to your bag).

Once your hostess has given you the hostess code, you can enter your order online anytime up until the workshop is closed (usually the same day it was held) - so don't delay and get your order submitted so she can count your order towards her hostess benefits!  

All regular online order shipping charges do apply to orders placed online with a hostess code - and they are shipped to your home address (instead of being shipped to the hostess); it's possible you'll get your order before the hostess does, especially if you've submitted your order before the workshop date!

If you're hosting a workshop and would like me to generate a code for you (or otherwise have any questions), please let me know and I'll help you out :)

Happy stamping!

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