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With a low price of just $135, the completely customizable Starter Kit can be as unique as your own creativity! It’s the perfect way to get your business off to a great start—your way. Join Now!

The Demonstrator Starter Kit comes with
· Up to $165 worth of Stampin’ Up! products that YOU choose
· A business supplies pack

The total kit includes tax and shipping! It's a great way to support your love of stamping, paper crafting, home decor, or whatever your passion may be! Earn extra income based on your sales and recruiting-just how much extra income is up to you! 
Talk to me today for more information or for help ordering your kit!

The Demonstrator Opportunity

The benefits of being an active demonstrator are the same whether you are a hobby or career demonstrator. People join for many different reasons and you may have goals similar to those below:

DISCOUNT DEMONSTRATOR: You like the idea of buying stamps for personal use at a discount and occasionally sell products to friends and family.

SHORT-TERM DEMONSTRATOR: You sell for a short period of time to earn a specified amount of money and stop when your goal is reached.

HOBBY DEMONSTRATOR: You love doing workshops and classes and earning extra money when it’s convenient; works a lot some months and very little, or none, other months.

CAREER DEMONSTRATOR: You view Stampin’ Up! as a business with long-term career potential; you pursue management and want to move up the career ladder. You regularly attend Stampin’ Up! events and develop close social relationships with other demonstrators; you work at your business in a consistent manner. View the Compensation Plan.

Other bonus features:

• Demonstrator Discounts: Start with a 20% discount on all Stampin' Up! products, including stamp sets, paper, and accessories.

• Get access to exclusive demonstrator resources, forums and inspiration as well as receive Stampin' Up!'s exclusive demonstrator magazine, Stampin' Success, and Stampin' Up! Canada's monthly newsletter, Inspiration Canada!

• Also, if you reach 300 CSV (approx $395 CAD) in sales by the end of your first full quarter, you renew your status for the next 3 months! However, there's no penalty to drop if you don't meet the sales minimums.

• If you want to do this as a business, some other benefits are that you can qualify for cash bonuses, product bonuses, incentive trips and other awards. You also can enjoy 2 free months of a personalized Stampin' Up! on-line store!

Ordering the Stampin' Up! Starter Kit on-line is quick, easy and benefits are instant!  Join Now!

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