Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fringe Christmas Tree Décor

Still with the Christmas tree theme from yesterday, I wanted to share with you these awesome trees I made - they're great for décor. Warning: glitter was involved in their creation :)

To make these, first I determined how tall/wide I wanted the tree to be; then I cut the sheet of 8.5x11 to size appropriately. For my trees, I cut the paper in half, so I started with a piece that was 11" x 4.25".  (This will make the base 8.5" wide). Then I cut my sheet diagonally in half again. You can use the Diagonal Score board to score the line first, just to be sure that your cut is where you want it.

I used two sheets of paper per tree (which will give 8 triangles). Then I had fun with the Fringe Scissors and cut on the angled side of each of the pieces. You can cut in deeper at the bottom than you can at the top … I almost cut off a few tops of trees! Ooops! I ran a line of Sticky Strip up the 11" side and adhered two pieces together. Then I put more adhesive up each long piece, and stuck them into place, pressing firmly. 

Once the tree was all stuck together, the glitter came out! I used both Crystal Effects and loose glitter, as well as the Dazzling Details alternately to make sure there wasn't a single branch that was missed. ;)
Two small stars cut with the Stars Framelits top the tree nicely! You can see the other tree I made in the backdrop of the Advent Calendar.

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