Friday, July 27, 2012

Mounting clear mount stamps - some tricks

Do you have trouble with air bubbles, or placement of the clear image sticker when you're mounting your stamps?  Or do they sometimes not stay on your block when you're stamping?  I recently learned of a new technique for mounting clear mount stamps and I'd like to share!

1. First peel off the thicker paper lining from the stamp, keeping the rubber in the sheet with the other stamps (Fig 1).  The other method punched out each stamp individually before mounting, but by leaving them in the sheet, it should give you some extra leverage when you're moving the stamp around.  If you're able to remove the paper lining without ripping it, set it aside and keep it (I'll share a tip/technique for that another time).

Fig 1

2. From the image sheet, peel off one side of the paper revealing one half of the sticker (Fig 2). There is a slit going down the centre of each sticker that will make this step easy.

Fig 2

3. Peel the sticker off the sticker sheet by holding onto the side of the sticker that still has the paper cover on it.  This will make it easy to hold onto and manipulate without having the sticker stick to your fingers!

4. Still holding the non-sticky side of the sticker, bring it over to your stamp sheet to the exposed foam side of the stamp.  You can line up the exposed side of the sticker to the foam. (Fig 3)

Fig 3

5. Carefully adhere this portion of the sticker to the foam backing and smooth it onto the foam. (Fig 4)

Fig 4

6. From behind the sticker, peel off the remaining paper backing slowly revealing more sticker. (Fig 5)

Fig 5 

7. Press the sticker onto the foam as the sticker is peeled off the backing. (Fig 6)

Fig 6

8. Repeat for all the stickers and stamps.  If you do end up with a small air bubble, you can poke a hole into the sticker with a poking tool - just be careful not to poke too far into the foam!

9. To make the stamps stick really well to my clear blocks, I add a little bit of Tombow glue to each stamp.  (Fig 7) If you run a bit of glue on the stamp and let it dry on its own, it makes a repositionable bond … don't put on too much glue, or your clear block will get really sticky and goopy.  Also, be sure that the glue has dried completely before sticking it to a clear block, or else the bond will become permanent!

Fig 7

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